Sculptors by Jim Powers

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Cubed Motion









"The Maverick" contains 55 cow yokes carefully welded togeather like a giant Jig-Saw puzzle. The base of "The Maverick" consists of actual machine used to make the cow yoke. There's nothing hear that wasn't associated with cow yokes. Cow yokes were used to keep the High-spirited cattle corraled in primitive one and two wire fences of pioneer days. Jim started a collection of cow yokes in 1980, and became interested in history of the first yokes used in Northwest Oklahoma. The Minton Rolled Yoke, manufactured by Calvin J. Minton, Gage, in the early 1900's, was considered by old-timers, as the best. Minton Yokes, as well as those made by lots of other folks, were used by Jim to create his "Maverick." averick




Balancing Beams




Mosque of Lenoir








True love &

Heart Broken

Commissioned Art



To The Farm

Made of old horse drawn farm equipment and hand tools.



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