Jim Powers

Metal Art Exhibit

Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics

1141 North Linclon Blvd.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma



"Cat Fish"

Wind vain made from turn of century fuel barrels, one water press tank, wheat sycth of turn of century, Volkswagon bumper, plow disc and oil field pipe.


"Robin Hood"

Made from oil field pipe.


 "Drill Bit"

Farm movement to progress and future.

Made from steering gear self propelled Combine, drill bit from rail road, sheers from a sweep, pipe and blow out preventor rings from oil field, and a plow (one way) disc.


"Get Along"

Made from trailer house frame and truck wheel.


"Vertical Space"

Made from old trailer house frame works.


Dream Catcher"

Made from oil field pipe, grain auger,plow disc, elec. pole braces, spring, oil field ring, wooden wheel rings, and sections of scrap rods from side boards on old pickup.

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