The Famous Dig and other books by Jim Powers

The Dig.


''Located two miles North, and three and four tent's miles West of Gage, Oklahoma on the Powers Ranch. What started this story was my wife, a little ole lady by the name of Beaulah Powers, spotted an old car steering wheel under a sage brush. Beaulah realized that the steering wheel would be of interest to her husband, and sure enough she told her little old fat husband about the find.''

''I figured that all I had to do was pick it up and put it in the back of my pickup for the trip to town. But the steering wheel had ideas of its own, in other words I could not budge it from the ground.''

''I supposed that the earth and mother nature had first claim to it. The battle started, human desire to uncover something buried so long, outweighed any claim imposed by mother nature.'' The Dig is on!


'' On a hot and windy day in July 1909 a lot of history was made and faded away in time.''

''Quarrel Over Boundary. As a result of a quarrel over the location of a boundary fence three men are dead and one man is now in the Arnett jail with serious charges hanging over his head.''

This is a story about a grudge and a quarrel over a section line in 1909. It also shows how life and survival was different back then.

Another Killing.

Battle Mound.


In memory of the Battle of the Mound.

Jim resurches the history of Battle Mound and other related events of North West Oklahoma.

''A lot of real good authors have written stories of the happenings. But have passed over the facts that it happened and it needed to be written down as part of Ellis county and North West Oklahoma heritage. It's like building a fence and forgetting to put the wire on the post. Kind of lets stuff get away out of touch.''

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