I Must Create

Jim Powers

Metal Art Exhibit April 1-30 1999

Plains Indian & Pioneer Museum

2009 Williams Ave

Woodward Oklahoma


The love of the land, buffalo grass, good hunting, long-horned cattle, and cowboys all played a part in the statement Powers makes with "Prairie Freedom". There's even a man-in-the-moon face, for the night herders from the trail-herd era and to bring a smile to the woman who commissioned the work.

"Stormy," is a directional piece, one of the few in the show that is best viewed from a certain angle. It depicts lighting bolts and a thunder storm and began with an old trailer house frame. 

 "Squiggles" depicts anger and aggression, Powers says. "The sculpture wasn't working like I wanted it to, and I felt like choking it. I felt like hooking a chain on it and running over it." He didn't, but there's chain's on the finshed work.

"Inside-Out" features the inside of oil-field pipe. "So many of my sculptures use pipe and you see the outside of the pipe, I thought it was about time to view the inside of the pipe, which has a different patina than the outside," Powers explains. There's even a door knob attached on top of the sculpture in response to a meighbor's query of "How do you get inside out?"
"Norm in Orbit," depicts a friend of Powers "who talks like three freight trains going down the railroad tracks. He can talk about three things at once, and half the words I don't understand. I get lost," Powers says with a laugh. Thus, the sculpture 'captures' his friend's mind in a box and secures it with chains "to make certain it stays put."



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