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3D Model Design and 3D Printing Information:


Search for a 3D Model:


Discover, print, and share free 3D printing models in MakerBot's 3D printing and design community.

3D Models Batabase by Josef Prusa.

A large database of 3D Printing models and 3D design contests.




Create a 3D Model:

A free, easy-to-learn online app anyone can use to create 3D models to Tinker with or to 3D print.

3D Builder is a 3D computer-aided design tool for Microsoft Windows that makes it easy to create, view, edit, and print 3D objects. It is developed by Microsoft and available for free in the Windows Store for all Windows platforms.

A Parametric Modeling program that gives you advance 3D creation tools.

FreeCAD 3D parametric modeler.

FreeCAD, Your own 3D parametric modeler.


Printing your

3D Model:



You can have a "Printing Service" print your model or print it your self with a 3D Printer.



Please Note:  There are a lot of great 3D Printers out there. Assembled and DIY Kits. Finding the one you need requires research on your part.

The 3D printer I show here is one that I use and suites my needs as a hobbyist. I list it here as just one good example.  Sincerely, Terry.


Original Prusa i3 3D printers.
Printerbot Semple Metal

The 3D Printer that got me started in 3D Printing, The "Printerbot Simple Metal" created by Brook Drumm.

Brook Drumm Printerbot Kickstarter Page.


A good source of 3D printing information and supplies:


3D Printing Software, Supplies, Printers, and How To Guides for 3D Printing.




Recommended Resources by Users:


The Lyndhurst STEM Club  recommends a 3D Printing Glossary link to 

 https://store.hp.com/us/en/tech-takes/3d-printing-glossary .

Thank You for your recommendation.





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